Marketing Ideas

1. Build A Strong Brand

How strong is your brand ? Is it good enough for what you need to represent your business ? Does it tell the story of what your business is about ? If not, why not give it a refresh!

2. Organise Your Own Network Meetings

Would you like to get your business in front of other business owners ? Why not organise your own business network meetings ? People will thank you and be grateful for all your help and they will probably buy from you in return!

3. Be A Walking Advert!

Get some branded clothing printed or embroidered where people will notice your brand and trust you the first time they meet you. Your clothing is seen before you say hello to people so look that part!

4. Advertise On Other People’s Newsletters

Do you know of a popular e-zine that sends out regular updates to it’s subscribers ? Why not enquire about advertising on their e-zine and be seen!

5. Make Your Business Card Stand Out!

Add something special to your business card. Why not include your photograph so people who receive your card can find you easily and enquire about your services.

6. Give Something Away

Try giving some product away for a local community group raffle or local charity fundraiser. You never know whether people in the charity or community group will ever need your services! You’ll also feel good as well!

7. Sponsor a Local Football Team

Why not sponsor a local children’s football team. For a start, they will be really grateful and their parents will have photographs of the team on their fire place at home meaning your brand will be visible to their friends and family!

8. Offer Package Deals

A great way to get your regular customers bringing you new opportunities. By offering a package deal to your regular customers, they will invite their friends and family to engage with you so they can all receive the benefit of the package!

9. Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce

By joining your local Chamber of Commerce, you will have instant support, knowledge and potential customers. Join up so you can network with other local business owners.

10. Create A Calendar

Why not design and print a special calendar with your own business name and website address on. Send it to your customers who will be grateful for their gift and will display the calendar on their desk throughout the year!

11. Do Something For Charity

Get involved with a local charity that means something to you and raise some money for them as well! If you do something crazy or unusual this may attract media attention which helps you, your brand and your chosen charity.

12. Create a Funny 404 Page

404 Pages are the web pages that tell your website visitors that they have landed on a page which cannot be found. You could make a funny one which will not only point the visitor in the right place that they were searching for, but also put a smile on their face. The chances are they won’t forget you!

13. Launch A Free E-Book

A great way to send information to your clients on line is via an e-book where your clients can see your product on line without the delay in sending a heavy bulky catalogue through the mail. They may even forward the catalogue onto their contacts!

14. Create Videos

Multi media content and use of videos is becoming more and more popular. You could create a “How to” video which means your customer can work through their problem in their own time and out of business hours as well! You could even create a video for the tour of your work place so customers see how their product is manufactured!

15. Use Facebook Advertising

This is a fantastic way to get new visitors to your Facebook page. By using the targeted demographics, you can select the region, gender, age and even relationship status of people you’d like to target and create a bespoke marketing campaign just to reach them. You can even measure and evaluate your return on investment so you know what works and what doesn’t.

16. Use a QR Code

QR (Quick Response) codes can help your customers reach specific information very quickly. By scanning the code on their iPhone, they can be sent to new product information on your website, a specific link on your address or even to pay a bill! Don’t forget to test the code before organising printed literature!

17. Set Up A Referral Programme

Why not consider setting up a referral programme where people who successfully refer your business to a new client receive a thank you gesture of, say, £50 or a voucher for a local retail outlet. What the increase in business!

18. Have Excellent Customer Service

Nothing beats good old fashioned quality customer service. The better service you give, the more people will return for future requirements they may have and also tell others about your service.

19. Send Thank You Cards

Why not send out Thank You cards to people who have just placed an order with you. They will appreciate it.

20. Charity Auctions

Consider donating your services or products to a local charity. You will be helping them raise finance for their project or group and will want to refer business to you as well to thank you for your support.

21. Write a Blog

Blogs are great opportunities to stand out as the expert in your field. People will learn from you and will want to get in touch if they feel you are the one to assist them from what you’ve written. They are also good to have on your website where you will be offering your web visitors some interesting content to read.

22. Offer Samples

Give people a sample of your service by offering them a discounted or free version of your products of services.

23. Cold Call

Start each day by following up any leads or making some cold calls. The sooner they are done, the more time you have to get on with actually doing the business.

24. Use Twitter

Twitter is a fantastic tool to market your business on line. For a start, it’s free, but more to the point, you can market your business, products and services to others as well as build relationships on line with others.

25. Get Testimonials

Nothing works better in business than your clients saying great things about you! Ask them for a testimonial and publish this on your website and other marketing materials.